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At NeTex Consulting we not only offer a full line of networking services but we back all of our services by a full money back guarantee that your network or computing platform will perform to its fullest capabilities. A network without a solid fundamental design will not only perform poorly, but it is more prone to failure in the future. With over 20 years of experience, we have the capability to build or design new network systems with the reliability and functionality you need to maximize your investment.

Services Offered

  • Initial Network Design
  • Spam/Virus Protection
  • Linux/Unix/Windows Server Maintenance/Administration
  • Network Troubleshooting / Repair
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Redundant Network Design
  • Critical File Storage / RAID Systems
  • Tape Backup / Off-site Backup
  • Remote Office / VPN
  • System Recovery / Data Recovery
  • Wiring Installation
  • Wireless Networks / Distributed Wireless (Multiple Access Points)
  • VPN/Firewall Installation and Management
  • Warranty Management Services
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Software Piracy Protection
  • User Policy Management
  • Device/Computer Monitoring

Support Contracts / Hourly Support

We offer a wide range of local and remote support services. On-site consulting starts at $50 per hour.

Local Services

In some cases, on-site management is a must. Our on-site solutions guarantee a response within 24 hours. We also offer 24 hour emergency service with a guaranteed response time within 6 hours from first contact. For more information, or to obtain more information on contract packages please contact us or request a quote.

Remote Services

Local services can be costly and time-consuming, remote services, however, offer the client flexibility and quicker response times with immediate solutions. No travel means fewer costs and immediate responses to most common problems. As long as internet access is still available, remote support can be a primary or supplementary option that is considerably more cost-effective with flat rate per-incident response fees.

In today’s computing environment, security is a must. We exclusively use TeamViewer and LogMeIn (Customer Choice) for remote support incidents to maximize security and privacy. Both software packages require the customer initiate the support request to further increase security and limit access to an “On-Demand” basis.

We also offer customized corporate services such as Citrix and Microsoft Remote Desktop Administration.

Service Price
Setup Fee (1-10 PC’s) Free
Setup Fee (10 or more PC’s) $149
Single Incident Flat Rate $50
Contract Rate (1-10 Incidents per Month) $45/Incident
Contract Rate (10-20 Incidents per Month) $40/Incident
Contract Rate (20+ Incidents per Month) $35/Incident
Network Maintenance/Administration $45/Hour
Remote Linux/Unix Administration $45/Hour
Remote Windows Administration $45/Hour
On-site Server Administration $65/Hour

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