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Dolibarr ERP/CRM is the result of thousands of hours of collaborative efforts from thousands of developers around the world, and is always a 100% free software package that is the fully open source project.Known as an “all-in-one” ERP/CRM/Accounting suite, Dollibar is modular by design and has a full suite of both license-free and commercial (plugins) that extend functionality providing you with a solution that fits your needs. Specific modules can be enabled and disabled with ease to customize your installation, and get you up and running within minutes of installation (Watch our xx minute video “Up and Running with Dolibarr”). Ease of use, functionality and low cost makes Dolibarr the obvious solution for all of your financial and customer relation needs.

Feature Rich and All-in-one

  • Multi-user
  • Customer/Suppliers and Contacts management
  • Commercial proposals/quotes
  • Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Stock management
  • Reporting
  • Contracts
  • Data import/export
  • Shipping management
  • Customers, suppliers, and prospect directory
  • Multi-user
  • Agenda
  • Products Catalog
  • Point of Sale
  • Mass E-mail
  • Import/Export
  • Human Resource Managment
  • Point of Sale
  • Bank account management
  • Support for VAT/Tax
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Stock management
  • Easy connectivity with other systems (REST API)

Community Driven and Open Source

Dolibarry is an Open Source and community-driven platform maintained by thousands of developers from around the world. The source code for the platform is easily obtainable and any PHP developer or translator can contribute to the project.

Multiple Platforms with multiple options

Built on platform-independent technology, Dolibarr is a scalable solution that can operate without the constraints of a specific platform or operating system. Dolibarr is very versatile and there are many options for deployment that make it an ideal solution for any environment.

Dolibarr will run on any Operating System that supports the PHP architecture, such as:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • BSD Variants (OpenBSD/FreeBSD)

Dolibarr is also available as a SaaS application for cloud-based and hosted applications. For more information on hosted services visit http://www.dolicloud.com

Modules To Extend Functionality

The Dolistore.com marketplace offers both commercial and free modules designed to extend the functionality of the already feature-rich platform. The most interesting point of Dolibarr is that it is extendable beyond its “out-of-the-box” functions, by using both 3rd party modules as well as modules developed in-house.

Dolibarr offers a flexible and structured set of tools to developers that enables a 3rd party to further extend and customize. This, in essence, creates a very flexible operating environment that can cater to individual needs, increasing productivity and efficiency. While the Dolibarr system out of the box is fully functional and can fit most needs there is always a solution around the corner.

Browse the Dolibarr store at http://www.dolistore.com today to see what the Dolibarr community has to offer.

Custom Cloud Hosting Solutions

We offer custom cloud hosting solutions for Dolibarr starting at just $15 a month with your first 30 days free.

All packages include:

  • 10GB of Transfer per month
  • 5 Gigabytes of storage ($5/mo per 5 gigabyte extra)
  • SSH/FTP and Database Access
  • Daily Backups
  • Free technical support
  • Includes all Dolibarr free modules, we offer free installation services for modules you purchase from the Dolistore

Each package is custom tailored to every client, we will do our best to provide you with a tailored experience that best fits your needs.

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