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Big chain hotels have the upper advantage when it comes to maintenance of on-site electronics, computers and hospitality systems; Utilizing in-house technical support services and being able to quickly dispatch technicians to repair problems and upgrade equipment cuts costs and decreases operating expenses. Unfortunately, not every property owner or manager can afford or justify having onsite technical management, but there is a simple solution…

Outsource your technical support!

We provide the following services on a per-incident or contract basis:

Website design & hosting (Mobile booking and check-in/out)
WiFi troubleshooting and installation (distributed and non-distributed systems)
In-room guest telephone systems
Electronic Hospitality services (electronic check-in/check-out, room service)
Door locks/mag locks and keycard systems
Digital signage (LED, LCD & Kiosks)
Network & Low voltage cabling
Security cameras
Interactive Check-in Kiosks/Automated facility solutions
In-room Smart TV Solutions
Mobile check-in/out solutions (Android and iPhone)
Hot Signs (Visual information displays)
Complimentary computer terminal/business center installation and maintenance
Retrofit/cleaning/upgrade and repair of existing on-site systems

…and more, contact us now for more information

*We understand that our customers’ satisfaction depends on their stay experience. We offer a full money-back guarantee and will cover the cost and profits lost of the customers’ stay should any issues arise with our services.

Maintenance Services

On-site hardware and software is never maintenance free, and with such a variety of equipment it can be a headache to maintain yourself. While we have seen some very interesting phone, security and digital signage that is very low maintenance, it is always unwise to ignore equipment that often sits to the side or is located in areas that are infrequently visited. We offer several solutions to help protect your investment; whether it is a one-time visit or a service contract we guarantee to help reduce costs from common equipment failure caused by lack of maintenance.

Over the years our technicians have worked with a variety of devices in the hospitality industry at hotels and motels around the country, and our team developed a unique ability to quickly diagnose, repair and maintain both current and vintage equipment in all types of environments.

For more information on contract and one-time maintenance services, contact us now

Retrofit Services

We have over 10 years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing hospitality equipment in a wide variety of property configurations. Our skilled and experienced technicians can evaluate your existing technical infrastructure and provide you with:

  • A detailed analysis of existing equipment currently in use, including an inventory of what is currently on site
  • An evaluation of the current condition of any on-site equipment
  • Suggestions for immediate and future upgrades or repairs