Creative healthcare I.T. Solutions

HIPAA/HITRUST Security is our number one focus, and our policy. We will not only secure your data, we will demonstrate it’s safety through detailed reports using only the most advanced security auditing tools.

Rapid response

Medical conditions know no time limits, therefor it is important that the technology your organization relies on knows no boundaries either. Our typical response time is 4 hours or less during business hours and we also offer 24/7 emergency support contracts that ensure your practice is always up and running efficiently and reliably.

Reliability guaranteed

Any healthcare service we provide is backed by a 100% guarantee that we will recommend and utilize the most reliable hardware, software and professional practices to ensure your facility incorporates reliable technology that keeps your practice up and running. If it can’t be trusted, it should not be implemented.

Security is not only our practice, its our policy

When dealing with medicine, we understand the patient’s security and privacy is of the utmost importance. With HIPAA agencies steadily ramping up their fight for compliance it is imperative that healthcare organizations utilize services that specialize in identifying risks and following proper procedure to limit liability. All of our employees are HIPAA Certified and have a strong background in policies and procedures to help eliminate potential compliance risks. Our standard service contract guarantees that:

  • All of our employees will treat confidential data with great respect
  • We will immediately report potential compliance issues, including potential breaches without hesitation
  • We will follow procedures and protocols outlined in the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF)
  • We will not utilize sub-standard technology that will put a facility at risk

It is our goal to evolve with technology, and we fully understand security is a dynamic variable that must be constantly maintained. Our staff continually researches new vulnerabilities and solutions to provide your facility with only the best service when it comes to security and peace of mind. We utilize only the latest in security auditing technology to provide both automated and manual security auditing services that help ensure your facility is taking every step necessary to maintain a secure environment for patient security.

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