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No matter how large or small your property you can benefit greatly from a Property Management System that is properly installed, configured and utilized.  By streamlining efficiency electronically and automating common tasks you can not only reduce your overall workload but also improve your guest’s experience. Remember, the national average check-in time is 3 minutes, keep your customers happy by providing quick and efficient services at all hours of the day.

Complete and integrateed soluitions save time and money

  • Save time – Access all guest and booking data in one place
  • Improve guest interactions – providing a speedy check-in/check-out experience
  • Quickly access booking and scheduling information
  • Direct booking – allow customers to book directly from a website
  • Integrate and automate with booking agents such as Hotwire, Expedia, Priceline, and more
  • Integrate with popular bookkeeping systems such as Sage, M3, and Quickbooks
  • Powerful reporting – all of the software we use provides detailed reports to help you better manage your business
  • Secure data and payment gateways – Book, Register and accept payments electronically
  • Point of sale – sale other products and services such as convenience items and soft drinks

There are two types of options to explore and each has their benefits as well as disadvantages

Option #1 – on-premise based solution Optyion #2 – Hosted/Cloud-based solution
  • Does not require internet access
  • Typically a one-time investment
  • Software must be manually updated
  • Typically client/server based utilizing a software client on a terminal. Typically improved hardware compatibility with devices such as key encoders, RFID and Credit card readers.
  • Self-managed, multiple property access must be configured by a consultant. This system has proven to be extremely reliable for those wanting to utilize their own infrastructure.
  • Better suited for properties over 25 rooms in size.
  • On-site solutions have proven to be easier to integrate into existing technology, providing direct access to hardware and other hospitality systems on-site.
  • Requires internet access in order to function
  • Monthly/yearly subscription fees
  • Updates/feature additions are included with subscription
  • Most cloud-based solutions are web-based which can introduce some limitations and hardware compatibility issues.
  • Easier remote access from home or other facilities. This type of system can benefit owners with multiple properties.
  • Better suited for small properties under 25 rooms. Most web-based hosted solutions are more cost effective and require less installation/maintenance services for properties of smaller sizes.
  • Harder to integrate – Cloud-based solutions have proven, at this time, to be slightly harder to integrate with existing technology such as card readers and other software packages/hospitality systems.

How to ensure proper utiliziation of the PMS

Training, Training, Training! The most important aspect of using any specialized system is to make sure you use it right. A large amount of small to mid-sized hotel/motel operators tend to under-utilize the software they have purchased, or not use it at all due to lack of proper training and understanding of how features work or improper selection of software. We can not only help you select a software package that fits your specific needs, but we also include 2 entire days of staff training absolutely free of charge.