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24/7 Emergency Service – Malware Removal – Emergency Repair


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All services include a 100% money back guarantee.


90-Day Warranty

All services come with a 90-day warranty that covers any Virus or Malware reinfection as a result of the initial infection.

We isolate off-site

Your viruses are cleaned and removed off-site from your web hosting provider. This enables us to isolate the virus/malware in questions and completely clean the site without risk of re-infection.

Hackers beware – we install defensive countermeasures

All of our services not only include Virus/Malware removal, but we also include anti-virus/malware applications to help keep your site secure and clean for many years to come.

24x7x365 Phone and E-mail support

Our office is always open and we are here to listen! 24-hours a day, even on Holidays!

We just don’t scan your site – We scan it all

While viruses usually remain within WordPress/Joomla/Drupal sometimes they are stored outside of the main web directory tree. Meaning that files containing harmful material could be hidden and stored elsewhere in your web host and are just waiting to be executed. We scan your entire web host before placing your newly cleaned site back in its hosting environment.

Blacklist Removal

Once its all done, we will remove any search engine blacklists that you may be on (warning pages before visiting the site).